Use the full potential of your employees through interactive challenges

Engage your employees with innovation, idea, goal and competition challenges, that reflect their day-to-day work

betriebliches Vorschlagswesen
betriebliches Vorschlagswesen

Styria digitized and optimized their innovation management with Bonrepublic

We were looking for a tool with which we could promote the creative ideas of our employees. With Bonrepublic, both the quality and the quantity of ideas have improved enormously from challenge to challenge!

Dejana Puschnig, Head of HR


Challenges as flexible as your whole organization

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Idea Crowdsourcing

Facilitate problem solving ideas and team interaction with crowdsourcing processes



Make your employees
a driving force
of innovation

Ideenmanagement Software

Competition challenges

Ignite performance and motivation with competition challenges


Your employees are the driving force of innovation

Spread your ideation and innovation process throughout the entire organization

Get innovative ideas from all levels of your organization

Empower and directly engage your employees to strategic development

Facilitate problem solving and team interaction with crowdsourcing and ideation processes

Introduce challenges, where employees can seek for help in solving complex problems.

Create a challenge to gain help and support.

Get best the suggestions and solutions from your peers from the entire organization

betriebliches Vorschlagswesen

Ignite team motivation with competition challenges

Transform daily business routines into collaborative challenges

Run sales, marketing and other operational competition challenges.

Celebrate the achievements and reward winners, using recognitions and virtual bons.

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