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Our mission

We help to build organizations that are driven not only top-down but also bottom-up.

We’re dreaming of a world where employees’ development is being systematically empowered and strategically steered by organizations. A future, where people are the core of the business strategy, where the business’ objectives are the sum of its employees.

Our Values.

We believe in self-organization and self-motivation. Each member of a team is a decision maker and takes individual responsibility over its own and team assignments.

We stand for transparency and visibility. To make employees actions, developments and achievements visible for their peers and let them speak for themselves.

We aim to create an environment of constant intrinsic motivation and high engagement driven by instant feedback, appreciation, personal development and the feeling of one company instead of silo thinking.

Thats how we created Bonrepublic and how we work internally.

Our leadership team

Jakob Feigl

Co-Founder, CEO


Sophia Sturany

Head of Customer Success

Vladimir Kim

Product Architect

Maximilian Smolka

Head of Business Development


Michael Riha



Rico Fernando



Klemens Kleiminger

Advisor (CFO-COO at Core Media)

Vitalina Palazkova

Front-end Team Lead


Dr. Omri Bergmann

Advisor (Head of Strategy CEE Google)


Maxim Smagin

Back-end Team Lead

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