People are a business’s core asset

We’re dreaming of a world where employees’ development is being systematically empowered and strategically steered by organizations. Founded in 2020, Bonrepublic has already made that dream reality for over 20.000 employees across Europe.

Foster employee motivation in real time

Сlassical KPI based motivational schemes are ineffective, because employee actions are distanced from results, development and remuneration.

Bonrepublic reestablishes this connection:

Drive employee development and grow team interaction

Bonrepublic is the first HR platform that strategically connects recognitions, goal achievement and feedback and uses the data to drive people engagement and development.

Employees can recognize each other for projects done well or for contributing to tasks.

Fortify loyalty with flexible benefits solution

You don’t have a one size fits all profile for your employees and you shouldn’t for your benefits either. Flexible Benefits Offering maximizes your ROI on benefits spendings.

Employees decide themselves how they want to spend their earned bons.

Customize the solutions on offers, to find the perfect fit for your company.

What sets us apart

Focus on organisational strategy
We provide a data-driven perspective on organisational goals and performance, engagement levels and organisational competencies

Social interaction and transparency
Our platform is designed for the daily use and social interaction of all employees, not just HR.

Bonrepublic is designed for employees. With our solution, employees are valued, grow and develop in their profession.

It’s easy to get started

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