Josef Almer

Managing Director

We wanted to professionalize our HR processes and enrich them with the aspects of transparent appreciation and competence management.

Bonrepublic not only provided us with a platform, but also with the appropriate expertise for a successful implementation.

Build and sustain a culture of recognition and appreciation

Make recognitions personal and meaningful!

Drive recognition across departments and peer-to-peer

Analytical Reports to track and optimise bonus allocation.


Define and measure employee and company values and skills

Are my core values actually lived in the organisation?

Build and use recognitions as a strategic tool to develop corporate culture and its core organizational values.

Specify core values that become the DNA of your organization

Link up these core values with various types of recognition

Create a friendly and motivating work environment

Create a friendly and supportive environment, where employees are treated as they deserve it.

Celebrate work anniversaries and cheer up on career milestones

Never forget about forthcoming birthdays of your employees with smart reminders


It's easy to get started

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Easy set up

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