Philipp Reif

Co-Founder Oatsome

For us at Oatsome, it is important to make our corporate values tangible for the entire team. That's why we were looking for a tool that would allow us to express our values, such as "appreciation" or "fun & passion" even more strongly, and we came across Bonrepublic.

Through recognitions in connection with bonuses and challenges, our employees can appreciate each other transparently and digitally, incentivize each other for their achievements and share their ideas with the team or the organization.

Ensure information transparency across your organization

Keep employees informed with news posts and email notifications

Be informed about birthdays, career changes and newcomers

Foster connectivity and interaction within the organization!

Enhance the team spirit and communication by social posts

Engage employees and listen to their voices with quick polls

Utilize the competencies and expertise of your employees

Quick search employees by team, position and competence

Approach when their competence and expertise is needed

It's easy to get started

Free trial

Easy set up

Immediate effects