Turn goals and OKR’s into results!

Track and collaborate on goals and OKR’s across teams to create alignment, and transparency across the organization.


Josef Almer

Managing Director

We wanted to professionalize our HR processes and enrich them with the aspects of transparent appreciation and competence management.

Bonrepublic not only provided us with a platform, but also with the appropriate expertise for a successful implementation.

Make goals transparent for the whole organization

Use the full potential of your organisation

Set quantitative and qualitative SMART or OKR goals

Set individual and team goals

Objectives Key Results

Align and connect goals across teams

Cross-functional OKRs and goals lead to more productivity and overall success

Simultaneously work and interact within goals

Quantitative targets and OKRs are automatically updated and aggregated, reducing the administrative burden

Recognize and Reward goal achievement

Never miss to celebrate goal achievements

Connect and give rewards

Promote cross-functional collaboration on goals and OKRs

Ziele Mitarbeitergespräch

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