Employee productivity and engagement during covid-19

Survey methodology and key findings

  • Bonrepublic – is an international IT company that develops technological HR solutions. With the support of European and Russian companies, Bonrepubichas conducted a research to identify new and continuing trends caused by COVID-19 isolation on productivity and employee engagement.
  • The study was conducted between April and May 2020 in Europe and Russia, among Russian and international companies, and included the responses of 272 respondents from 20 industries ranging from individual contributors to top management and owners of the company.
  • Survey results revealed that conditions of isolation have had a serious negative impact on such aspects of engagement as satisfaction with the development opportunities, quality of team work, support of the direct manager, etc.

respondents who are satisfied with the quality of teamwork have a 37% lower isolation effect

of the workforce wasn’t working remotely until the pandemic

of the respondents do not feel management support for work-life integration issues

the isolation effect has a negative impact on productivity, reducing it by 22%

27% of employees feel lack of feedback on their performance

do not feel involved in their work during the isolation

Team Interaction increases engagement by 33%
increases productivity by 14%
affects productivity stronger than the manager’s support
Personal growth the opportunity of professional development is the most significant factor affecting engagement in COVID-19 context
Recognition 29% of employees do not feel recognition from their colleagues in isolation

Respondentsand methodology

Employees from 20 industries participated in the survey

32% – IT sector
13% – Finance sector
12% – business services

Number of respondents by functional area

40% Respondents are in rank-and-file positions
11% Are top managers, business owners

40% Respondents are in rank-and-file positions
11% Are top managers, business owners

23% Have been working at the current job less than a year
48% Employees work from 1 to 5 years

49% Were not working remotely until the covid-19 pandemic
87% Were not working remotely until the covid-19 pandemic

The report uses a 5-point likert scale
All responses in the survey are measured on the Likert scale

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